Music Royalties Collection

​Music Royalties Collections are governed by Wisconsin Statute Section 100.20​6Businesses which feature copyrighted music must obtain permission to use the music. Instead of obtaining permission from each artist, businesses purchase blanket licenses from performing rights societies.

Duties and Requirements of performing rights societies:

  • Annually provide the department a list of contract documents, a current list of copyright owners represented, and a list of licensed musical works.

  • Make available to proprietors information licensing information about a specific musical work or, at the proprietors expense, a complete list of contract documents, current list of copyright owners represented, or a complete list of licensed musical works.

  • Before entering into contracts, performing rights societies must provide a written notice to the proprietor

  • All contracts between performing rights societies and proprietors must be in writing and specify each party to the contract, the contract length, and a schedule of the rates and terms of royalties to be collected.

Prohibited practices by the performing rights society include:

  • Entering a business to discuss a contact without proper identification.

  • Coercive conduct that disrupts the business premises.

  • Deceptive acts in negotiating a contract or in collecting royalties.

  • Failure to comply with the contract requirements.


Penalties include civil remedy to recover damages, court costs and reasonable attorney fees.

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