Moving Firewood in Wisconsin

​​​​It is sometimes legal to move firewood, but it is always a bad idea to move uncertified firewood, because of the risk of carrying insect pests and diseases to new areas. 

C​ertified firewood

​It is always legal to move DATCP-certified firewood. It is clearly labeled, and is available at many retail locations or directly from firewood dealers. 

Uncertified firewood

It is illegal to move uncertified firewood from a county that has been quarantined for spongy moth to a non-quarantine county – even if you are taking it to property that you own. On this map, you cannot move uncertified firewood from ​red counties to the white counties; Spong​y moth qu​arantine map.

​If you are camping in state or federal lands, there are restrictions on bringing uncertified firewood with you.

City, town or county campgrounds may have local restrictions. Check with the campground manager before taking firewood to these sites. Remember, even if there are no local restrictions, you cannot bring firewood from home if you live in a spongy moth quarantine county and are camping in a non-quarantine county. 

Private campgrounds may have their own restrictions. Check before traveling.

Tribal lands may also have restrictions. Check with tribal authorities. 

Although you can legally move firewood from counties that are not quarantined for spongy moth, DATCP strongly recommends that you not, because of the risk of transporting other pests and diseases. 

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