Livestock Siting: Community Resources

​​​Where are livestock facility siting permits required in Wisconsin?

In order to regulation livestock facilities, local governments must have an ordinance in place that follows the standards and procedural practices established in s. 93.90, Wis. Stats. and ATCP 51. Not all jurisdictions have a siting ordinance. To find out if your area has a siting ordinance in place, refer to the maps below.


What happens when a livestock facility is permitted near me?

If a livestock facility has been permitted near you, they are obligated to follow the standards adopted by the local government. The livestock facility siting standards include: required setbacks from property lines and roads, an NRCS 590 compliant nutrient management plan, properly engineered waste storage structures and a passing order score. These standards are meant to be protective of public health and safety, be practical and cost-effective, promote the growth and viability of animal agriculture, and be based on peer-reviewed scientific information.

Appeal of a Local Decision

Local decisions to approve or deny an application may be appealed to the Livestock Siting Review Board. Learn more about appealing a local decision for the appeals process.


Ordinances are locally crafted and administered. They must be consistent with s. 93.90, Wis. Stats. and ATCP 51. Complaints about a permitted livestock facility can be made to the local permitting authority. In the case of a hazardous discharge or spill, call the Spill Hotline: 1-800-943-0003.

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