General Food Labeling

All packaged foods need to be labeled. 

In general, a packaged product label must have:

  • ​The name of the product

  • A listing of ingredients in decreasing order of predominance by weight

  • A net weight or volume statement

  • The name, address, and zip code of the manufacturer, packer or distributor

  • Nutrition information, unless the food is specifically exempt​

Additional labeling guidance​ for manufacturers, packers, and distributors.

Retail labeling require​ments for retail ​food establishments


The following resources may be helpful with labeling questions.​

FDA Food Labeling Guide
This guide contains basic food labeling information as well as information on nutrition facts, allergen labeling, and claims. 

Small Business Exemptions from Nutrition Labeling
Small businesses may qualify for exemptions from nutrition labeling. Specific food products will not be eligible for this exemption if nutrient content, health claims or other nutrition information appears on the label.

​Bar/Universal Product Codes
The Uniform Code Council, Inc. has information about getting barcodes.​

Allergens and Cross-Contami​nation
Infographic on common food allergies and preventing cross-contamination.