Fairs & Shows-Equines

​​​Requirements are subject to change as conditions warrant.​

Equine Animals from Within Wisconsin

Documentation of a negative Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA) test, which clearly identifies the animal by complete description (to include registration number, lip tattoo, or freeze brand if applicable), implanted microchip number of digital photographs) is required. Documentation may be:

  • Official test report VS 10-11, or
  • USDA-approved electronic test form, or
  • Global Vet Link EIA electronic form, or
  • Certificate of veterinary inspection with the test results listed

Equine animals from outside Wisconsin need:

  • Certificate of veterinary inspection (CVI)
  • Negative EIA test within previous 12 months and reported on the CVI

Equines from Minnesota are exempt from the CVI requirement if:​

  • Ownership does not change while the animal is in Wisconsin
  • The animal remains in Wisconsin no longer than 7 days
  • The animal is accompanied by proof of a negative EIA test performed within the previous 12 months.
  • The animals are privately owned and not rodeo stock