COVID-19 Livestock Producer Resources

​​​​COVID-19 has presented numerous challenges for Wisconsin's livestock farmers, and the Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP) is here to serve as a resource.

​DATCP's Resource Coordination Center connects farmers with the assistance they need. The resource center first facilitates alternative paths to slaughter channels. If those channels are unavailable, it will connect farmers with resources and options for humane euthanasia and disposal specific to their farm. To get started, please review the information below.

We understand this is an emotional and stressful situation. The Wisconsin Farm Center can provide resources that can help; please call (800) 942-2474 or email for free, confidential support.

Market Options

Local Markets:

The Wisconsin Pork Association (WPA) and DATCP have partnered to start Passion for Pork. The program connects state pork producers to local meat processors, consumers and those experiencing food insecurity during COVID-19. Farmers interested in participating should contact WPA:​

Producers can use the Wisconsin Meat Establishment Directory to locate local butchers and small-scale processors. Please be aware that these businesses are currently experiencing high customer volumes and are working to expand their slaughter and processing capacity as quickly as possible.

Direct Sale to Consumers:

Producers can sell meat direct to consumers if the slaughter and processing are performed under state or federal inspection and the producer holds a retail food license. For more information, contact a licensing specialist

Custom Exempt:

A producer can sell a live animal to a customer, and the customer can have the animal slaughtered and processed at a licensed custom exempt establishment. The meat cannot be resold or donated. The producer, customer, and custom exempt operator should have detailed invoices documenting the transaction. Please see the Wisconsin Custom Exempt Establishment Directory to find a custom exempt establishment.


The options for donated meat and poultry are limited to products that have been state or federally inspected.​

Additional State Resources:

​Additional Federal Resources:

Humane Euthanasia and Depopulation

Some producers may be faced with an increasingly limited set of market options. As a result, they may need assistance determining options for humane euthanization and disposal.

Make sure to first review the American Veterinary Medical Association Guidelines for Depopulation of Animals.

For pork producers, review the National Pork Board's Guidance for Euthanasia.

Livestock Carcass Disposal: