Animal Health Waivers and Special Orders

The following animal health waivers and special orders are active.​


August 27, 2019: AH Do​cket ​No. 19-O​-002 Ame​ndment 1​ Waiver of pullorum-typhoid testing requirement for poultry

March 27​, 2018: AH Docket No. 18-S-002 Waiver for a swine owner to test swine for porcine delta coronavirus (PDCoV) when testing the herd of origin for swine enteric coronavirus disease, and requiring an accredited veterinarian to develop a herd plan for swine that test positive or are not tested for PDCoV, with conditions

February 12, 2018: AH Docket No. 18-S-001 Waiver for a slaughtering establishment operator to identify a sow, boar, or stag with an official back tag, premises ID, or other approved slaughter ID if the animal does not already have an official ID or slaughter ID, with conditions​

October 2, 2017: AH Docket No. 17-B-002 Waiver for Johne's disease certified veterinarian and a Johne's disease vaccination certified veterinarian to complete department approved training every five years to renew certification

​February 23, 2017: AH Docket No. 17-B-001 Waiver for an animal dealer, market operator, or trucker to identify with an official back tag and record the official back tag or individual ID of any steer going to slaughter​

Special Orders

February 24, 2017: AH Docket No. 35PM02247-1 Hantavirus must be reported within 10 days of diagnosis or credible diagnostic evidence of disease​

October 3, 2016: AH Docket No. 35PM09126-1 Amendment ​1 Prohibits the import of sexually intact dogs purchased or obtained from auctions out of state without an import permit issued by the department and a negative test for canine brucellosis.