Asian Longhorned Beetle Quarantine Requirements

The Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP) has imposed restrictions on some plants and plant materials entering the state from areas where there are current ALB infestations: Ohio, Massachusetts, New York and South Carolina. Areas where ALB has been found but eradicated (Illinois and New Jersey) are not covered by the quarantine.

Items Covered by the Quarantine

  • Non-coniferous firewood

  • Nursery stock, logs, green lumber, stumps, roots and branches from these genera: 

​Acer (maple)

​Platanus (sycamore)

​Aesculus (buckeye)

​Populus (poplar)

​Albizia (mimosa)

​Salix (willow)

​Betula (birch)

​Sorbus (mountain ash)

​Celtis (hackberry)

​Ulmus (elm)

​Fraxinus (ash)​

  • Any other item that a pest control official determines poses a risk of spreading ALB


Regulated items can be imported into Wisconsin, if accompanied by a certificate signed by a pest control official in the state or province of origin who has inspected the items and certified that:

  • The items originate from non-infested premises and have not been exposed to ALB, or

  • The items were free of ALB at the time of inspection, or

  • The items have been effectively treated to destroy ALB, or

  • ​The items were produced, processed, stored, handled or used under conditions that would prevent transmission of ALB

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