Fitness Centers during COVID19 FAQs

​​I am continuing to receive auto-charges for my fitness center membership even though the facility is temporarily closed. What should I do?

If your fitness center hasn't already communicated their plan, reach out to staff and ask about your options. Many fitness centers are pausing payments automatically, or planning to extend member access proportionally once they re-open.  ​

In addition, Wisconsin fitness center contracts must provide that if any of the facilities or services described in the contract become unavailable, a buyer is liable for only the proportional part of their contract where service facilities/services were available, and is entitled to a refund of any other funds already paid (Wis. Stat. §100.177(11)). If you are unable to resolve a dispute with your fitness center, you may wish to file a complaint so the Bureau can assist with mediation. 

My fitness center contract requires me to cancel my membership in person, but I can't because the facility is temporarily closed.​

Contact center staff and ask how they want you to proceed – they will most likely accommodate a different method. If you are unable to cancel your membership in a timely manner, please file a complaint so the Bureau can assist with mediation.