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​About the Farm Center

Wisconsin Farm Center Handout

The Wisconsin Farm Center provides information and support to farmers and their families in order to help grow Wisconsin’s agricultural economy. The Center partners with industry groups, government and educational entities, and other stakeholders in the agriculture sector.​

​Core Programs and Services​

Financial Planning: With decades of financial planning experience in the agriculture sector, Wisconsin Farm Center staff provide farmers with financial and business consultation including cash flow analysis, farm viability, debt analysis, business plan development and farm succession planning. ​

Mediation and Arbitration: The mediation and arbitration program allows for a neutral individual to help facilitate understanding between conflicting parties in a farm-related dispute. Mediation services are available to help in a wide array of areas including credit issues, environmental concerns, and farm family conflicts.​​

Veteran Farmer Assistance and Outreach Program: Through this program, Wisconsin military veterans interested in learning about how to become involved in farming and agriculture can access resources, market development, branding and technical expertise. Program members can also utilize a special logo for their agricultural products.

Herd-based Diagnostic Program: This program provides veterinary diagnostic support to help address herd-health and production concerns. The program, available to Wisconsin dairy herds of all sizes and management types, addresses production, milk quality, cow loss, and other concerns.​

Wisconsin Farmer Wellness Program

Farmer Wellness Program Handout

Given the challenging nature of farming, the Wisconsin Farmer Wellness Program provides three different options to help farmers cope with the stresses of farming.

  • 24/7 Wisconsin Farmer Wellness Hotline (1-888-901-2558): This hotline is available any time, any day to provide support farmers that are struggling with suicidal thoughts, depression, or anxiety or just needing a welcoming ear to talk to.
  • Farmer Wellness Tele-Counseling Sessions: Farmers and/or their family members can obtain free, confidential and unlimited counseling sessions by a licensed mental health professional for ongoing support by request. These session are completed over the phone or online via a web conferencing platform.
  • Counseling Voucher Program: This program provides farmers and/or their family members with vouchers by request that allow them to obtain free, confidential, in-person counseling services with participating mental health providers in their area. ​
Learn more about the Farmer Wellness Program here​, including how to become a voucher provider.

Online Farmer and Farm Couple Support Groups

Support groups focused on bringing farmers and farm couples together in a safe space to share challenges and offer encouragement, comfort, and advice to each other.
  • ​Open to any farmers or farm family members located in Wisconsin.
  • If you would like to be anonymous, please feel free to turn off your camera and use only your first name during sessions.
  • Sessions will be led and moderated by peer leaders that are farmers who have experienced stress and anxiety while operating their own farm. A licensed mental health provider with extensive experience in serving farmers will also be on-hand at each session to offer additional support as needed.
  • By joining, you agree to be respectful to all participants and keep information shared within the support group confidential.
  • You are welcome and encouraged to join as many of these support group sessions as you like.
Afternoon Farmer Support Group
1 p.m. | 1st Tuesday of every month (Starting February)
Register at https://bit.ly/3pBeFSF
Evening Farmer Support Group
8 p.m. | 4th Monday of every month (Starting February)
Register at https://​bit.ly/2KI2ftd​
Farm Couples Support Group
8 p.m. | 3rd Thursday of every month (Starting February)
Register at https://bit.ly/2M628b8

​​'Rural Realities' Podcast​

​​​'Rural Realities' provides information and resources related to stress and challenges facing farmers and farm families. One of its main purposes of the series is to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health issues in rural communities.

Click here​ to listen

Podcast 11: "Maintaining Farm Viability Through Volatile Times," Kevin Bernhardt, UW-Platteville and UW-Extension

Podcast 10: “Healing after Farm Stress Turned to Tragedy," Brenda Statz, farmer and mental health advocate

Podcast 9: "Farmers Facing the Future After 2020," Wisconsin Farm Center staff

Podcast 8: "Navigating Marriage on the Farm," Ted Matthews, rural mental health specialist​​

Podcast 7: "Farm Children: They Experience Stress Too!," Monica McConkey, rural mental health specialist

Podcast 6: "Finding Fairness in Farm Transition," Elaine Froese, farm ​transition specialist

Podcast 5: "Farm Financials: When to Reach Out for Help," Paul Dietmann, Compeer Financial​

Podcast 4: "Discuss​ the Undiscussable,"​ Elaine Froese, farm ​transition specialist

Podcast 3: Navigating Change When the World has Changed," Dianne Viehuber, author and pastor

Podcast 2: "Your Brain on Stress," John Shutske, UW Madison-Division of Extension​

Podcast 1​: “Breaking the Stigma of Farmer Mental Health," Renee Sutkay, Journey Mental Health

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