Wisconsin Farm Center

​​​​​​Phone: 1-800-942-2474
Email: farmcenter@wisconsin.gov​
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If you are experiencing anxiety, depression, or just need a welcoming ear to talk to, please call the 24/7 Wisconsin Farmer Wellness Hotline at 1-888-901-255​8.

​About the Farm Center​​

Wisconsin Farm Center Handout

With decades of agriculture experienc​e, Wisconsin Farm Center staff are available to answer questions and connect farmers to resources through the Farm Center's toll-free​ number and email address. The team proudly collaborates with farmers, industry groups, government and educational organizations, and other stakeholders to support Wisconsin's agriculture economy.

Programs and Services​

Financial Consulting and Transition Planning: Staff provide farmers with financial and business consulting on topics such as strategy, farm viability, debt structure, ​cost of production, cash flow, and transition planning.

Mediation and Arbitration: Provides a neutral facilitator trained in mediation to help conflicting parties pursue understanding and eventual agreement in farm-related disputes. Mediation services are available to help in a wide array of areas including credit issues, environmental concerns, an​d farm family conflicts.

Veteran Farmer Assistance and Outreach Program: Wisconsin military veterans interested in farming and agriculture can access resources, market development info, branding options, and technical expertise through this program. Program members can also utilize a special logo for their agricultural products.

Herd-Based Diagnostics Program: Provides veterinary diagnostic support to help troubleshoot herd-health and production concerns. The program, available to Wisconsin dairy herds of all sizes and management types, helps analyze and evaluate areas of interest such as nutrition, milk quality, animal health, water quality, etc.

Farmer Wellness Program: Offers mental health services and resources to Wisconsin farm​ers and their families including counseling services provided by licensed mental health professionals through the 24/7 Farmer Wellness Hotline, tele-counseling, and counseling vouchers. Farmer and farm couple online support groups led by farmers with lived experience are also available.

​​'Rural Realities' Podcast​

​The 'Rural Realities' podcast focuses on helping farmers tap into their resilient nature by presenting advice from experts that can help reduce stress, improve a farm's financial situation, implement good farm family communication skills, and more.

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Most Recent Episode: "International Markets ​Provide Opportunities for ​Wisconsin Farmers and Agribusinesses" featuring DATCP's International Agribusiness Center