​Joining the Counseling Voucher Program as a Provider

​Farmers and their families are eligible to obtain counseling vouchers covering one hour of professional counseling at no cost.

How it Works

The process of accepting vouchers is simple. After a farmer obtains vouchers from the Wisconsin Farm Center, he/she will contact a participating provider in their area and iden​tify themselves as a referral from the Wisconsin Farm Center. At the appointment, the farmer will give the vouche​r to the provider as payment for the session. After the appointment is complete, the provider will provide information on the front and back of the voucher and forward it to the Wisconsin Farm Center to obtain payment for the session. Providers are reimbursed at a fixed pre-determined rate.

Vouchers can be used for either tele-counseling or in-person sessions that are at least one hour in length. Participating providers must be licensed, registered with the program and comfortable with offering counseling to farmers, or have a good understanding of agriculture and its challenges.

Joining the Program

Providers must be registered with DATCP in order to accept vouchers. Interested providers should contact the Farm Center at farmcenter@wisconsin.gov or 1-800-942-2474 to determine eligibility, and complete paperwork. Once approved, providers can start accepting vouchers immediately. Independent providers and entire agencies are encouraged to apply.