Step by Step Guide to Exporting

1. Are you ready to export?

One of the first steps to exporting is to determine your company’s export readiness. A good way to do that is to develop an export plan. Similar to a business plan, the export plan helps to determine internal goals and commitment, anticipate future goals, identify constraints and create an action statement.

Sample outline of an export plan

2. Request a consultation with the International Agribusiness Center

Learn about the export services available to you from the State of Wisconsin by requesting a consultation with an international agricultural marketing specialist. Call (800) 462-5237.

3. Learn the basics of exporting​

Understanding export terminology, the export process, pricing, shipping and import regulations are key to export success. Learn about these topics and more by visiting the Export Essentials Online offered by the Food Export Association of the Midwest or our exporter resources page. 

4. Attend export education seminars

For a list of upcoming export education seminars, visit the Wisconsin International Agribusiness Center calendar of events.

5. Network with other exporters

Trade associations throughout the state offer venues for companies interested in international trade. To learn more about Wisconsin’s international trade associations, visit the Exporter Resource page.

6. Conduct market research to determine the best fit for your products

Get started by filling out information on the Food Export contact page.
Download country and product specific market reports from the Foreign Agriculture Service. 
Obtain detailed market research and learn about your products potential by participating in the Market Builder Program from Food Export Association of the Midwest.

7. Seek out international buyers for your products

Once you understand the export process and have established your export price, you should begin looking for buyers. Find buyers by attending international trade events and by participating in buyers missions sponsored by Food Export Association. Find more information by visiting the Food Export activities calendar.

8. Obtain funding support for your export ventures through the Branded Program™ of Food Export Midwest​

The Branded Program provides 50 percent cost reimbursement for a wide variety of international marketing activities.

For additional information about exporting, contact the Wisconsin International Agribusiness Center.