Dog Sellers-Inspections & Fees

​​Facilities must pass a pre-license inspection before applicants receive licenses. After the initial pre-licensing inspection, facilities will be inspected once every two years. All the locations listed on the license are subject to inspection. We may also inspect locations where license holders place dogs in home custody or foster care, although these places are not required to be licensed. Licenses expire every September 30.

When we inspect, we are looking at whether the operator is meeting all the requirements of the law, including the facility, care of dogs, and record-keeping. If there are violations, license holders have the opportunity to correct them. Some may be correctable on the spot. If inspectors do have to return to re-inspect to ensure violations have been corrected, license holders may be charged a re-inspection fee of $150. We will not renew a license without payment of fees due including re-inspection, surcharges and/or late fees.

​License Fees

​If an entity is found to be operating at any time without appropriate licensure, they will, at a minimum, be subject to a surcharge prior to any license being issued.

​Facility Type/Fee

​Number of Dogs

​Fee Amount per year

​Animal control facilities and shelters

Shelter 25 or more dogs per year​


​Breeders, breeding facilities and in-state dealers

​25-49 dogs

50-99 dogs​$500
100-249 dogs​$750
250 or more dogs​$1,000

​Out-of-state dealers

​25-49 dogs


​50-99 dogs


​100-249 dogs


​250 or more dogs


​Late Renewal


​Normal fee + 20%

​Operating without a license in the previous year


​Normal fee + fee for previous year​