Consumer Identity Theft Packet for Law Enforcement

The information in this section is provided to law enforcement for consumers that may need assistance after reporting identity theft or for those who have questions and need additional information. Law enforcement offices should feel free to print, distribute or direct consumers to this web site.

​Identity Theft Consumer Tips

This tri-fold brochure provides consumers with tips to prevent or reduce the risk of becoming a victim.

Identity Theft Complaint Form

The complaint form is required by the Bureau of Consumer Protection when working with the victim to investigate or mediate their case.

Release of Information

This form is needed to request the release of personal account information to the victim in order to investigate and mediate the complaint.

Non-Consent Form

This form is needed to confirm you are the victim of fraud to our office, the courts, creditors and law enforcement.

More fact sheets that may be helpful to consumers:


Wisconsin Bureau of Consumer Protection

(800) 422-7128