Agricultural Producer Security Council


  • The Agricultural Producer Security Council is a statutory council created under s. 15.137(1), Stats​.
  • The Council advises the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection on the administration of the agricultural producer security program under ch. 126, Stats​.
  • The Council meets as often as DATCP deems necessary, but at least once annually.
  • DATCP must inform the Council of current balances in the agricultural producer security fund, and must consult the Council before modifying any license fee, license surcharge or fund assessment under the program.
  • DATCP also consults with the Council before acquiring backup security for the producer security fund.

Assigned Division

The Trade and Consumer Protection Division administers the agricultural producer security program, and provides administrative support to the Council.


The Council consists of 10 members appointed by the DATCP Secretary for 3-year terms. The Secretary must appoint members as follows (the Secretary appoints one of two persons nominated by each organization):

  • One person representing the Farmers’ Educational and Cooperative Union of America, Wisconsin Division (Wisconsin Farmers Union).
  • One person representing the Midwest Food Processors Association, Inc.
  • One person representing the National Farmers Organization, Inc.
  • One person representing the Wisconsin Agri-Business Association, Inc.
  • One person representing the Wisconsin Cheese Makers Association.
  • One person representing both the Wisconsin Corn Growers Association, Inc., and the Wisconsin Soybean Association, Inc.
  • One person representing the Wisconsin Dairy Products Association, Inc.
  • One person representing the Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation.
  • One person representing the Cooperative Network.
  • One person representing the Wisconsin Potato and Vegetable Growers Association, Inc.

Meeting Minutes and Annual Reports


For more information on the council or a list of current members, contact:

Eric Hanson
(608) 224-4968​