2013 Bureau of Agrichemical Management Annual Report

ACM Highlights

The Agrichemical Management (ACM) Bureau administers Wisconsin’s regulatory and enforcement programs associated with commercial animal feeds, fertilizers, pesticides and other plant production and pest control materials used in agricultural, urban and industrial settings.  The ACM bureau video provides a feel for the widespread impact of the bureau’s programs. 

During 2013, the ACM Bureau continued the process of updating our database systems. The goal of this project is to increase efficiency, eliminate duplication, increase data accuracy, and improve customer service.  Some features we hope to include in the upgrade: web-based licensing and tonnage for the fertilizer, feed and pesticide programs; web-based permits for soil and plant additive, feed export certificate, fertilizer and special registration programs; and the ability to accept electronic payments and credit card payments on-line.  

The first step in the system upgrade was to conduct a detailed analysis of the twenty-plus bureau programs in a very thorough and systematic approach.  This analysis includes a very intense and rigorous evaluation of the state administrative rules, state statutes, and federal codes governing each program area.  Also included is a review of existing department policies and procedures to ensure they are up-to-date and complete.  While going through this evaluation, we have reengineered many programs and made many process improvements to our bureau operations and process flows.  One example of a customer service improvement we made this past year was to offer online registration for pesticide applicator exams.  The on-line site allows applicators to view available testing times and locations and then register for their exams.  We anticipate many more similar improvements with the end result being efficiently-run bureau programs, better customer service, and an IT system to manage our data and support our programs.  

Similar to 2012, the ACM Bureau was significantly impacted by retirements and staffing changes during 2013.  Many of these positions have or will be redesigned to meet future program and industry needs.  This large workforce change has and will continue to require significant staff and management time to train new employees.  An updated bureau organization chart​ with contact information has been prepared.​

For more information about any of the bureau programs you may email the department.

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