2011 Bureau of Agrichemical Management Annual Report

​ACM Highlights

The Agrichemical Management (ACM) Bureau administers Wisconsin’s regulatory and enforcement programs associated with commercial animal feeds, fertilizers, pesticides and other plant production and pest control materials used in agricultural, urban and industrial settings. The AC​​M Bureau manages and enforces the following programs: fertilizer, soil & plant additives, lime, commercial feed, pesticides and pesticide use, pesticide product licensing, pesticide special registrations, pesticide applicator certification and licensing, landscape registry, agrichemical containment, Agricultural Chemical Cleanup Program (ACCP), groundwater protection, clean sweep, and worker protection. 

Program highlights

  • ACCP program: 
    • Responded to 42 agrichemical spills.
    • Closed more than 60 agrichemical cleanup and spill cases.
    • Managed 165 long-term remediation cases, including one of the largest cleanups​ ever completed.
    • Reimbursed approximately $1.3 million in eligible clean-up costs.
  • Containment program reviewed 27 engineering plans for 13 different projects.
  • Clean Sweep program:
    • Collected and disposed of 348,000 pounds of agrichemical waste.
    • ​Prescription drug collection grants funded 18 requests to allow over 11,000 Wisconsin residents dispose of nearly 16 tons of unwanted drugs.
  • Bureau staff certified 6,500 pesticide applicators for a total of 28,737 certified applicators.
  • Bureau staff issued 2,100 pesticide application business location licenses, 6,650 individual commercial applicator licenses, 389 restricted use dealer licenses and 1,291 feed licenses.
  • Bureau staff registered 12,083 pesticide products for use in WI.
  • Bureau staff also had 950 people apply to be on the landscape registry covering 13,722 addresses requesting advance notification of a pesticide application.

For more information about any of the bureau programs you may email the department.

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