Safe Wisconsin Produce: Grower Trainings

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​If your farm needs to meet​ the Prod​uce Safe​ty​ Rule, the ne​xt step is to attend a Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved Produce Safety Rule grower training​. Under the rule, a produce farm must have an employee who has completed this training. The training ensures a responsible party ​employed by the farm understands​ the required food safety practices. Upon completion, you wil​l have a better understanding of how your farm’s practices align with​ Produce Safety Rule requirements. You will also learn more about exceptions and exemptions available under the rule.

The grower training only needs to be taken once; however, the certificate of completion belongs to the individual and not the farm.

Trained and certified staff from the Safe Wisconsin Produce program and its partner organ​izations are providing grower trainings across the state. The seven-hour training covers the following topics:

  • Introduction to produce safety
  • Worker health, hygiene, and training
  • Soil amendments
  • Wildlife, domesticated animals, and land use
  • Agricultural water
    • Part 1: Production water
    • Part 2: Postharvest water
  • Developing a farm food safety plan​
  • Postharvest handling and sanitation​