Safe Wisconsin Produce: Grower Trainings

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Upcoming Trainings​

  • ​​March 29, 2023. 9:30 a.m. to 6:30​ p.m. in Marathon County, Wis. Register here. Fees for this training are sponsored by Specialty Crop Block Grant funding through DATCP’s Division of Agricultural Development.​

Unable to attend a scheduled course but still need training? Let us know.

If your farm needs to meet​ the Prod​uce Safe​ty​ Rule, the ne​xt step is to attend a Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved Produce Safety Rule grower training​. Under the rule, a produce farm must have an employee who has completed this training. The training ensures a responsible party employed by the farm understands​ the required food safety practices. Upon completion, you wil​l have a better understanding of how your farm’s practices align with​ Produce Safety Rule requirements. You will also learn more about exceptions and exemptions available under the rule.

The grower training only needs to be taken once; however, the certificate of completion belongs to the individual and not the farm.

Trained and certified staff from the Safe Wisconsin Produce program and its partner organizations are providing grower trainings across the state. The seven-hour training covers the following topics:

  • Introduction to produce safety
  • Worker health, hygiene, and training
  • Soil amendments
  • Wildlife, domesticated animals, and land use
  • Agricultural water
    • Part 1: Production water
    • Part 2: Postharvest water
  • Developing a farm food safety plan​
  • Postharvest handling and sanitation​