RevEx: Revenues and Expenditures in the Bureau of Agrichemical Management

​​​​RevEx was ​a project undertaken by the Bureau of Agrichemical Management in the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection. The project is a review of the Bureau's revenue and expenditures, with the goal of ensure that it is assessing fees and surcharges equitably, collecting them efficiently and spending them effectively.  The review covers pesticide product registration and licensing/certification; fertilizer and soil/plant additive licensing, permitting and tonnage fees; feed licensing and tonnage fees; and Agricultural Chemical Cleanup Program surcharges.

The Bureau worked with a broad oversight work group made up of representatives from the industries regulated under these programs, and formed subcommittees to address issues particular to each industry. Below you'll find the changes that resulted from the project, as well as the working materials and final report that led to those changes.

Results of the RevEx Project

The 2017-19 state budget includes changes resulting from recommendations in the RevEx final report. Click on the links below for details. 

Changes to the ACCP fund

Changes to pesticide licensing and product registration fees

Changes to fertilizer and soil/plant additive fees

Changes to feed licensing fees

Complete list of pesticide, fertilizer and feed licensing fees

RevEx Final Report -- October 2016

Working Materials

Full Work Group

Agricultural Chemical Cleanup Program

Feed Tonnage Fees

Fertilizer and Soil/Plant Additive Permits

Pesticide Registration