Pesticide Certification Extension

​​​​​​​​​​​In response to COVID-19, the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP) has suspended pesticide certification testing. Normal testing will resume when conditions exist to safely hold certification exam test sessions. To receive updates about certified pesticide applicator information and requirements, subscribe to DATCP’s email list.​​

Certification Extension​

DATCP is extending certifications until October 31 for pesticide applicator certifications that expire January 31-September 30​. The extension allows applicators to continue operating as certified applicators and applies to all private and commercial certification categories.

DATCP will not print certification cards with this extension date. Should your customers have questions about your expiration, refer them to DATCP’s news release.

When certification testing resumes, applicators must recertify by passing the appropriate category exam.​

Commercial and Private Applicator Testing Updates

New Commercial Applicators

You can apply for a temporary commercial applicator trainee registration that will be valid until June 30, 2020, for all applications received March 18-June 1. DATCP is extending the normal 30-day limit.

Trainees must work under the direct onsite supervision of a certified and licensed applicator.

Trainees cannot do any of the following:

  • Direct the use of pesticides.
  • Engage in any category of pesticide use which is not identified in the trainee registration.
  • Use any restricted-use pesticide.
  • Engage in aquatic or mosquito pest control.
  • Use any soil fumigant.
  • Apply any pesticide by aircraft or chemigation.​

The trainee’s employer must complete and submit the application form available at​

Online Testing For New Applicators

Video: How to sign-up for online exam

DATCP and the University of Wisconsin – Pesticide Applicator Training (UW-PAT) Program developed modules for commercial pesticide applicators to take the exam online in order to receive a temporary certification. The following categories are available:

  • Category 1.1. Field and Vegetable Crops
  • Category 7.1 Structural

Additional categories will be available on the following dates:  

  • April 6: Forestry (Cat 2.0), and Right-of-Way and Natural Areas (Cat 6.0)
  • April 8: Turf and Landscape (Cat 3.0), and Aquatic and Mosquito (5.0)
  • April 10: Aerial Application (Sub Category 9.9) – requires certification with a base category (for example, Field and Vegetable Crops, etc.)

To take the test: 

  • Purchase the applicable training materials, such as  the electronic version of the commercial applicator training manual
  • Access the online exam session and complete a category-based exam within an allotted time frame (for example, 90 minutes) and answer 70% or more of the questions correctly
  • Receive a score of 70% or higher and DATCP will provide the individual with temporary certification to make commercial for-hire/not-for-hire pesticide applications​

If you purchased training materials in the last 30 days or were scheduled for a UW-PAT commercial applicator training program, you will receive an email from the UW-PAT program to give you access to take the exam.

If you purchased training materials within the last six months, contact UW-PAT at to request access to the exam.

If you have not purchased training materials or signed-up for a commercial applicator training session, this video will show you how.

A reminder that certification is temporary and ends on October 31. At that time, individuals can then schedule an exam session at the DATCP office (or satellite locations) to take an exam in that category to obtain the credentialing on a five-​year cycle.

All other regulatory requirements (for example, licensure, recordkeeping, etc.) will continue to apply to the individual receiving temporary certification.

Frequently Asked Questions

The University of Wisconsin – Division of Information Technology (DOIT) help desk, or the University of Wisconsin – Pesticide Applicator Training Program. The UW-DOIT help desk is available either through email or telephone. All contact information is available at the link.

​Yes. If you signed up for a commercial applicator training session in 2020, or if you purchased a commercial applicator training manual within the last 30 days (on or after March 1, 2020), you will receive an email from the UW-PAT program with instructions on how to access the exam.
If you purchased a training manual before March 1, 2020, and were not scheduled to attend a UW-PAT commercial applicator training session, send an email to In your email include the following information:
  • First and last name
  • Email address
  • Six-digit PAT number (in training manual or email sent for electronic manual)
  • Request to have access to the online exam and the category (for example, 1.1-Field and Vegetable Crops, 3.0-Turf and Landscape, etc.)

No. DATCP does not have access to the testing software. The information that DATCP received is your mailing information, category of exam you took, and your score. DATCP cannot provide assistance with your login credentials.
The purpose of the temporary certification option is to address the unavailability of testing due to COVID-19. The temporary certification option was not developed to replace the five-year certification training and exam cycle.
  • April 1: Field and Vegetable Crops (Cat 1.1) and Structural Pest Control (Cat 7.1)
  • April 6: Forestry (Cat 2.0) and Right-Of-Way/ Natural Areas (Cat 6.0)
  • April 8: Turf and Landscape (Cat 3.0) and Aquatic and Mosquito (Cat 5.0)
  • April 10: *Aerial (Subcategory 9.9) – requires certification with a base category (for example, Field and Vegetable Crops, etc.)​​
No, they must work under the direct supervision of the identified onsite certified and licensed applicator.
Trainees cannot rise containers that held a restricted use pesticide but can rinse non-restricted use pesticide containers.
No. Temporary applicator registration is not available for private applicators. Certification as a private applicator is only required when using a restricted use pesticide.
Yes. DATCP extended certification expiration dates to October 31, 2020, for anyone who has a pesticide applicator certification that expires January 31–September 30.​

DATCP is currently evaluating state and federal flexibility in responding to industry concerns and requests. If you have additional concerns, contact to provide notice to DATCP. Staff will respond to these requests as soon as possible.
DATCP regulates the application of pesticides. Products such as germicides, sanitizers, and disinfectants are federally-registered pesticides with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and you must use these according to label directions.

As long as a business or individual only applies germicides, sanitizers, or disinfectants, there are no license or certification requirements with DATCP. If the product is labeled as a restricted use pesticide, then this would require a DATCP license or certification.