Wisconsin Pest Survey Grower Participation

​​​​Hands holding a healthy seedlingFarmers and growers are important to the success of our pest surveys and we appreciate your participation. Our surveys range from disease surveys of soybeans and potatoes to trapping exotic insects in orchards and fields. We design surveys to minimize impact on growers, but usually you will need to allow our specialists access to your fields or orchards. Additionally, we may ask questions about your management or cropping practices. 


Contacts for Grower Participants

​Potato Surveys
(715) 623-3930

(715) 486-0429

Corn, Soybean and Wheat Surveys
(608) 224-4592  

Insect Surveys-Field Crops
(608) 220-7378


For most surveys, our survey specialists will collect samples from your field for you, following standard field sampling protocols, and will transport samples on ice directly to our laboratory for diagnosis. Please do not submit samples without checking with the Plant Industry Laboratory: (608) 224-4600.


We will send final test results directly to you.  We also share statewide general summaries with the public through this website, industry newsletters, and staff presentations at grower meetings.​

Diagnostic Services

Our surveys are for monitoring purposes, rather than diagnosing pest problems an individual grower may experience. The University of Wisconsin-Extension provides diagnostic services to the public, such as homeowners, farmers and the green industry.  Your local county extension agent is also an excellent resource.

UW-Plant Disease Diagnostic Clinic
(608) 262-2863

UW-Insect Diagnostic Laboratory
(608) 262-6510

Find your local UW-Extension agent​ 


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