Industrial Hemp Research Pilot Program

We have extended the deadline to apply for 2019 licenses and registrations through March 1, 2019. However, we urge you to complete the process sooner rather than later, because waiting until the deadline may delay receiving your 2019 license and registration. Keep in mind:

  • Your 2018 final report is still due December 15, 2018. We will not issue 2019 registrations until we have received your final report and any unpaid fees.
  • Be sure that your application is complete when you submit it. We can process completed applications much more quickly than those that require us to come back to you and seek additional information.


Licensing and registration materials


The Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection’s industrial hemp research pilot program requires both growers and processors to obtain one-time licenses, and register each year that they intend to plant/process industrial hemp. Growers and processors must also pass background checks and pay fees to participate in the program.The emergency administrative rule, ATCP 22, became effective March 2, 2018. It sets up the program requirements. 

This is a research pilot program permitted under terms of the 2014 federal farm bill. As participants in the research program, growers and processors will be required to report their research plans along with their annual registrations, and to file research reports for each growing season. 

Licensing, registration and fees 

Reporting and recordkeeping 

Inspection and testing