Industrial Hemp Seed

The Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection has applied to the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) to be registered as a seed importer, but has not been approved yet. Therefore, growers will need to find sources of seed independently.

Permitted Varieties

Our rule specifies that growers must plant varieties that are either on the current Health Canada List of Approved Varieties or the current Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development List of Varieties Eligible for Seed Certification.  This applies whether planting seeds or clones. If you want to plant other varieties, you can send a request before planting to

Certified Seed Recommendation

While the law does not require that you plant seed that has actually been certified (the above lists include varieties eligible to be certified), we highly recommend that you do so. Certified seed is more likely to produce a crop that meets the THC limit, and markets are demanding hemp grown from certified seed. It will also provide legal protection; if you plant certified seed, you will not be prosecuted under Wisconsin law if your crop exceeds the THC limit, as long as it is still lower than 1.0% THC.

Seed Certification

Growers who want to cultivate foundation, registered or certified hemp seed for certified seed production in Wisconsin must:

  • Officially register with the Wisconsin Crop Improvement Association and work under its guidance
  • Get written consent from the variety owner

Interstate Movement

Wisconsin law does not explicitly prohibit or permit interstate movement. Moving seed into Wisconsin is done at your own risk.

Seed Saving

Certified seed harvested from a pilot project cannot be sold for propagation, except under the Wisconsin Crop Improvement Association’s seed certification program. Otherwise, the harvested grain can be used only for processing or the grower's own hemp production. Although we don't recommend planting non-certified seed, seed harvested from non-certified varieties may be saved, distributed and sold. Seed labeling and licensing rules apply. (See below) 

Seed Distribution

If you plan to sell seed in Wisconsin, you will need to be licensed by DATCP as a seed labeler. You do not need a seed label license if you sell seed in unopened bags or containers already labeled by a licensed seed labeler. For more information, check the DATCP seed program.

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