Industrial Hemp Licensing, Registration and Fees

APPLICANTS PLEASE NOTE:  Expect a 6-8 week period to process your application.  If you wait until the end of the application period, it is likely to be longer. Once you submit your completed application and payment, you ARE in the system and WILL receive your license unless there is a felony drug conviction in your background check. There is no need to check with us on the progress. You can help us minimize the wait by:

  • Making sure that you submit a complete application, with everything filled in and all the necessary parts, including the research agreement and background check authorization.
  • Submitting your application as soon as possible.
  • Reading all the website materials thoroughly before calling to ask your questions. Most questions can be answered by the website. If you must call, please keep your call as short as possible. We enjoy talking with you, but the same people who answer the calls are the ones processing the applications and they need time to do that work. Thanks for understanding.

NEW APPLICANTS: You may apply for a license on paper or online.  If you plan to apply online, make sure you have a reliable internet connection.  You must complete your online application in one sitting and cannot save your progress.  You will need the GPS coordinates and maps for all your fields, greenhouses, or other sites where you will grow, store, or process industrial hemp. You will also need to know the acreage of fields and square footage of greenhouses, and have a plan for the research you will conduct. You will need your signed research agreement and background check form.

After completing your online application, you will be asked to create a MyDATCP account.  You must create an account before you can reach the payment screen.  

Please note that you are not licensed and registered, and cannot plant, until you hear back from DATCP that you have successfully completed the process.

RENEWING APPLICANTS: We will not renew your registration unless you have all your 2018 fees paid and reports filed.


You are required to have a license to grow or process industrial hemp. The grower license allows you to plant and harvest industrial hemp, if you register to do so. A processor license allows you to store, handle, and convert industrial hemp into a marketable form, if you register to do so. Both are lifetime licenses that you need only get once. If you are processing only hemp that you grow, you need only the grower license.


Growers and processors also need to register annually with the Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection annually to continue growing or processing hemp.

Applications for NEW industrial hemp licensees are being accepted between November 1, 2018, and March 1, 2019. Use the forms labeled "first time" in the right hand column here.

Renewing Annual Registrations

If you are already licensed, you can renew your registration or register for the first time if you did not grow or process in 2018. The renewal/registration period will remain open until March 1, 2019. You should have received a registration expiration notice in the mail.  After you have received your expiration notice, you may use your PIN or username and password to log into to renew your annual registration for 2019. The same link is available at the top of the right hand column here. If you are unable to apply for your annual registration online, please see the right side of this page to download the application forms matching your existing hemp license. 

Note: If you are an existing licensee, but don’t plan to grow or process industrial hemp in 2019, you do not need a 2019 registration. 

Background check

Your licensing and registration forms include a consent form to allow DATCP to conduct a background check on the applicant. If the applicant is a business, the background check will be for the operations manager. You will not be licensed if you have any criminal drug convictions, either federal or in any state. 


Grower license (one-time fee)
​$150 (0-30 acres)

​$5/acre (31-199 acres)
​$1,000 (200 acres or more)
Processor license
​No fee
License modification
$50/change (plus fee for additional acreage as listed above)
​Grower registration (annual fee)
Processor registration (annual fee)
​$250/sample and test (each field and variety needs at least one sample/test)

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