Hemp Licensing, Registration, and Fees


​The Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP) is currently accepting hemp applications for the 2020 growing season. Based on the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Interim Final Rule, the 2020 growing season ends on October 31, 2020.​​

Frequently Asked Questions: Licensing and regulations​​


You must have a license to grow or process hemp in Wisconsin. Both grower and processor licenses are one-time licenses you only need to obtain once. After October 31, 2020, one-time licenses will no longer apply as the USDA Interim Final Rule requires all hemp pilot programs expire.

Grower license: Allows you to plant and harvest hemp, if you register each year to do so.

Processor license: Allows you to store, handle, and convert hemp into a marketable form, if you register to do so. If you are:

  • Processing only hemp that you grow: You must have a grower license and current annual registration. 
  • A grower who will process hemp from other growers: You must have a grower license, processor license, and current annual registration.​

Before applying, read the background check and research agreement.

Apply online at https://mydatcp.wi.gov. Click on "Licenses" which allows you to choose either “Hemp Grower License and Registration” or “Hemp Processor License and Registration.” Read the information for more details and then click on the “Start New Application Button.”

If you cannot apply online, download the appropriate paper form(s) below and return by mail with your payment.

Hemp Grower Application

Hemp Processor Application

Annual Registration

All growers and processors must register annually with DATCP to grow or process hemp.

​Renewing Annual Registrations

If you are already licensed, you can renew your registration or register for the first time if you did not grow or process in 2019. After March 1, 2020, a 20% late fee will apply for renewing an annual registration. License changes after March 1, 2020, will also result in additional fees as detailed below.

Growers or processors who are already licensed should have received a registration expiration notice in the mail. Use your PIN or username and password to log into https://mydatcp.wi.gov/ to renew your annual registration for 2020. If you are unable to apply for your annual registration online, download the paper application above that matches your existing hemp license.

If you are an existing licensee, but do not plan to grow or process hemp in 2020, you do not need a 2020 registration.​​

Background Check

Licensing and registration forms include a consent form to allow DATCP to conduct a background check​ on the applicant. If the applicant is a business, the background check will be for the operations manager. DATCP will not issue a license to applicants who have any criminal drug convictions, either federal or in any state. Hemp program staff will contact you with instructions on how to submit your background check form. Do not send your background check form with the application form.

Research Agreement

A signed 2020 research agreement is required for each person or legally formed business entity applying for a 2020 hemp grower or hemp processor annual registration. Hemp program staff will contact you with instructions on how to submit your 2020 research agreement. Do not send your research agreement with the application form.


​Grower license (one-time fee)

​$150 (0-30 acres)
​$5/acre (31-199 acres)
$1,000 (200 acres or more)

​Processor license

​No fee

​License modification

$50/change (plus fee for additional acreage as listed above)

​Grower registration (annual fee)


​Processor registration (annual fee)



​$250/sample and test

Each lot needs at least one sample and test and will be invoiced after sampling. A lot is a contiguous area in a field, greenhouse, facility, or growing structure containing the same variety or strain of cannabis throughout the area.

Grower registration late fee

​$70 (20% late fee for hemp grower annual registration renewal application form and/or payment received after March 1, 2020.)

Processor registration late ​fee

​​$20 (20% late fee for processor annual registration renewal application form and/or payment received after March 1, 2020.)​