Gypsy Moths on Your Property

​​​​Private property owners may have a number of concerns related to gypsy moths. Here is how you can address the primary ones:

If you believe you have found, or have confirmed, gypsy moths on your property 

If you live in a quarantined county, please contact your local suppression program coordinator. This program works with the Department of Natural Resources to do localized treatments.
Coordinators' contact information

If you live in a non-quarantined county, call (608) 642-MOTH or email Please provide a name, phone number and address of your property including township, village or city.

​You can find information about how to manage gypsy moths in your backyard or in your woodlot at​.

If you are moving from a quarantined county to a non-quarantined area in or out of Wisconsin

You will need to certify that your outdoor items are free of gypsy moth. Get details.

If gypsy moth trappers or surveyor enter your property

We will try to contact you to ask permission, but if we cannot reach you, our trappers and surveyors may enter your property and leave information for you with contact information.
Learn about trapping and surveying

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