COVID-19: Weights and Measures


April 17: COVID-19 RVP Variance for May 1 to May 20, 2020

March 27: FAQ: How COVID-19 Affects Weights and Measures Operations

March 23: COVID-19 RVP Variance for April 2020

​​​​​FAQ: How COVID-19 Affects Weights and Measures Operations

Is the Bureau of Weights and Measures operating during the COVID-19 public health ​emergency?

We are taking steps to protect our staff, ensure social distancing, and prevent the spread of this disease. Current operations are​ as follows:

  • Staff are primarily telecommuting and not present in the office.

  • Staff are routinely checking voicemail and email. We will respond as soon as practically possible to all messages.

  • ​Inspectors are only conducting field work in cases involving emergencies of public health and safety, such as fuel quality or storage tank emergencies. Inspectors are available by phone and email.

  • ​Staff are processing and issuing required licenses, credentials, and permits. Please apply online whenever possible to ensure the most prompt processing of your applications.

  • The Metrology Laboratory is not accepting any items for calibration at this time.

  • March technician exams have been cancelled. We are still processing and scheduling applicants for the April 25th and April 29th exams at this time.

Where can I find contact info for the Bureau of Weights and Measures?

Is Weights and Measures still investigating complaints?

We are taking and processing complaints. Any complaints affecting public health or safety will be investigated during the public health emergency. All other complaints will be investigated as soon as practically possible once full operations resume.

Complaints can be submitted to us by phone at (608) 224-2942 or by email at

What if I have a license, credential, or permit that expires soon?

Our staff are working diligently to continue processing applications and issue licenses, credentials, and permits despite the public health emergency. We encourage all applicants to apply and submit application materials and fees online at​. Applications and materials submitted by mail may experience a delay in processing, but all submissions will be processed as soon as possible.

Additionally, permitting and licensing associates are available by email, voicemails are being routinely checked, and all calls will be returned.

What if my equipment is due for annual testing by a service company during the public health emergency?

We strongly encourage everyone take precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Any equipment testing due during this period that cannot be conducted will be addressed once the public health emergency is over. If you are unable to have the required testing completed by your testing company during this time, you should document your attempts to comply with the law and schedule the next available appointment with your testing company.

What if I need to request an extension to an administrative order or a red-tag removal?

Our inspectors and supervisors are available by telephone and email and we are maintaining our standard extension request procedure. Red-tags and system shut downs will remain in effect until compliance has been demonstrated. Red-tag removal must be done by an inspector or authorized in writing by the department.

Is there anything else I should know?

With regard to leaks and releases from flammable and combustible liquids storage tanks:

  • All leak detection monitoring with permanently installed equipment must be operational and alarms responded to at all times.

  • ​Additionally, Wis. Admin. Code ATCP 93.585​ requires

            o   I​mmediately upon discovery of any evidence of a leak or release from a tank system or dispensing system, the owner or operator or any contractor performing work under this chapter shall take all measures necessary to stop the leak and to prevent migration of any free product into the environment.

            o   Immediately upon confirming any suspected release or discovering any obvious release, the owner or operator shall investigate the extent of contamination, and undertake corrective and mitigation actions in accordance with s. 292.11 (3), Stats.

            o​   Immediately report any release of a regulated substance to the Department of Natural Resources in  accordance with s. 292.11 (2)​, Stats.

With regard to fuel quality problems:

  • ​Immediately stop sale of any contaminated/off-spec fuel.

  • Immediately after stopping sale, notify your inspector or contact our office by phone at (608) 224-2942 or by email at