Volunteer Advisors

​​One of the unique features of the Wisconsin Farm Center is the solid corps of volunteers who donate their time and talents to helping Wisconsin's farm families. The farm center has about 50 volunteers who provide personalized assistance to farm families. They are farmers, business people, educators, counselors, and attorneys. They offer a variety of skills and backgrounds, but they all have a common love for Wisconsin farm families.

Farm Center Advisors​

These volunteer advisors work one-on-one with farm families, often at the kitchen table or out in the barn. Advisors can analyze farm situations and develop options, set up farm financial statements and cash flow worksheets, help locate and apply for credit, negotiate with lenders and prepare for mediation, and connect farmers with local resources.

Advisors may serve as generalists where they gather information, listen, and use local resources or technical staff at the Farm Center to help them and the farmer manage the issues. Other advisors have specialized training or experience and act as specialists in such areas as financial analysis, farm transfer, intergenerational family communication, job counseling, small business development, creditor negotiations and refinancing, and legal information.

Farm Center advisors may be asked to help troubleshoot an issue that could take as little as a couple of phone calls, or they may work with the farm family for as much as 40 hours or more. All work done with a farm family is confidential.

Prospective advisors complete an application, interview, and training before being officially selected. Farm Center advisors are reimbursed for expenses such as travel and telephone.​