Economic Development and Innovation Center

​​​The Wisconsin Agriculture and Food Center, part of the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection's Division of Agricultural Development, supports the growth and success of local and regional food systems through business, farm and rural development programs and services.

Core programs are:
Organic and Specialty Crop Mark​et Development: The goal of the program is to develop and expand market share for local products within Wisconsin and the U.S. by engaging with a broad network of stakeholders, including food production companies, agricultural associations, food processors, distributors, and wholesalers and retailers. The program also provides industry stakeholders with market development assistance, research, technical seminars and one-on-one business development consultation, among​ other methods.

Wisconsin Farm to School: The program helps support the 255 Farm to School programs in Wisconsin. Comprehensive farm to school programs combine local or regional procurement efforts, nutrition and agriculture education, and student engagement activities such as school gardening in order to provide the broadest benefits to both students and farmers. The program also works with farmers, food distributors, and processors to identify and reduce impediments to increasing the amount of Wisconsin-grown and produced foods served in Wisconsin institutions, including schools.

Business Development: This program provides information, resources, and connections that beginning and emerging businesses require for success, such as grant opportunities, technical assistance and referrals to agricultural entrepreneurs, consultation to agricultural clients on business improvements, assistance on exploring market and product opportunities for sector growth and support to agricultural development statewide.​