Farm Management Tools

​​​​Farming is a complex and difficult business, but farmers do have some management tools at their disposal to assist them in their operations. Putting together a top team of professional consultants is critical for today's successful farm business. The Farm Center has at its disposal a group of experienced volunteer advisors who can assist farmers in many subject areas, providing personalized assistance to farm families.

Among the farm management tools available through the Farm Center are:

​When farmers need to make every dollar count, this guide can help them through the process of hiring farm consultants. Employing consultant should be viewed as an investment in the farm business, but it's an investment that must be considered along with all the needs of the farm operation. This resource can be an invaluable tool when the farmer interviews a potential consultant.

​One of the unique features of the Farm Center is the solid corps of volunteers who donate their time and talents to help Wisconsin's farm families. They are farmers, business people, educators, counselors, and attorneys who offer a variety of skills and backgrounds.

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