Electric Utilities and Electric Cooperative Cost-Share Programs

​Wisconsin electric utilities and electric cooperatives cost sharing programs are fairly similar in design, but differ in the specific amounts available for each aspect of the farmstead rewiring program. Each program has some grant money available to have the farmstead assessed and a rewiring plan developed. After a plan is reviewed and accepted, the cost-share program has low-interest loans to cover some or all of the projects cost. ALL of the programs require the work be inspected and done by a certified electrician.

Visit your electric provider's cost-share program website or call them to learn more about the specifics available to you.
For information call (800) 255-4268.
A dairy farmer who belongs to an electric cooperative that participate in the Safety First! Rewiring program is eligible. For more information, contact your local electrical cooperative.
For information call (800) 714-7777.
Rewiring Program. For information call (877) 444-0888.
Xcel Energies
For information call (800) 895-4999.​​