Building Bridges

Bridging the Gap: ​An introduction to mediation
The goal of mediation is to help resolve issues by bridging the conflict gap to encourage communication. Mediation involves a neutral individual who helps facilitate negotiation and understanding between conflicting parties.​

The Wisconsin Farm Mediation and Arbitration Program can mediate farmer disputes ranging from creditor/debtor​ issues to environmental concerns to farm family conflicts.

Every individual in mediation has the responsibility of being prepared through all phases of the process. Begin by being organized, carefully listen, and commit to finding a reasonable solution to resolve your conflict.

In conjunction with the Farm Mediation and Arbitration Program assistance is available with feasibility analysis, enterprise analysis, along with restructuring and cash flow projections.

The mediator assumes a neutral and nonjudgmental position and confidentiality is upheld throughout the mediation process.

Crossing the Bridge: Frequently asked questions
​The Wisconsin Farm Mediation and Arbitration Program can answer your questions from “How much will this cost?” to “How long will this take?”

Mediation Alternatives: Arbitration
​Arbitration is more like a court process, with a neutral arbitrator selected by the parties making the final decision to resolve the problem. Rarely used and usually done post-mediation.​