Japanese Cheese Buyer Visits Wisconsin, Adds Wisconsin Cheeses and Suppliers to Product Offerings


In June 2022, Mr. Kazutoshi Ueno, a 1985 graduate of University of Wisconsin - Madison, traveled to Wisconsin to build contacts and relationships with three Wisconsin cheese companies. His trip was made possible by the Wisconsin Initiative for Agricultural Exports (WIAE).

The purpose of inbound trade missions is to bring foreign buyers to Wisconsin, allowing them to observe and understand the quality, value, and functionality of Wisconsin and U.S. products that can help them to achieve their business goals.

Ueno is the founder of eAnimal Company in Japan, which concentrates on feed products for farm animal species to improve their health and performance. eAnimal is familiar with importing Wisconsin colostrum, which they use to increase immunity in young cattle, pigs, and chickens. After importing colostrum, Ueno expanded into importing Wisconsin cheeses to Japan. After living in Wisconsin through college, he has a deep appreciation for the quality and variety of Wisconsin cheeses.

In December 2020, DATCP worked with Ueno to host a virtual trade to introduce Wisconsin agricultural products to the Japanese market. In 2021, Ueno launched a Wisconsin cheese promotion in Japanese retail markets and e-commerce. During this trip, he added more Wisconsin cheeses and suppliers to his product offerings.

Japan is Wisconsin's fourth largest dairy export destination after Canada, China, and Korea, totaling more than $33.5 million in 2021. Mr. Ueno looks forward to continuing this relationship with Wisconsin businesses and importing more dairy products to Japan from Wisconsin.​

For information about this visit, please contact:

Jennifer Lu, Economic Development Consultant 
Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP)