Food Safety for Consumers


The Department's Division of Food Safety completed a partnership with the federal Food and Drug Administration in 2000 in the area of food safety and food allergens. In 2001, the DFS developed training materials, with shared resources from the FDA and the State of Minnesota, and moved forward with increased training of inspectors.

The materials listed below, and other business publications, are available for Wisconsin food processors, public agencies and institutions.

You will need a PDF reader to view these documents.

Fact Sheets

Equipment and Sanitation - 1 page PDF
This sheet discusses equipment use and design, and proper sanitation.

Labeling and Packaging - 1 page PDF
This sheet discusses product formulation, the content of labels, and packaging.

Labeling Language - 2 page PDF
This sheet discusses plain language, required ingredients and supplemental statements.

Processing - 1 page PDF
This sheet discusses product scheduling, cross-contamination, rework, and personnel and production aids.

Raw Materials - 1 page PDF
This sheet discusses suppliers and receiving of ingredients, and storage of raw materials.

Other Publications
Allergen Control Program Worksheet - 1 page PDF
A yes-or-no question format inspection sheet for basic allergen inspections.

Allergen Derivatives - 1 page PDF
A detailed list, by category, of many examples of food derivatives containing allergens.

Allergen Inspection Compliance Tree - 1 page PDF
What's the thought process for an inspector who wants to ensure compliance with an Allergen Control Plan? Here's one version.

Allergen Inspection Process Tree - 1 page PDF
What's the walk-through process for an inspector on the lookout for food allergens? Here's an example.

Check Points for Allergen Inspections - 6 page PDF
A list of check points for inspectors (this material combines all the food allergen fact sheets in one document).

Major Food Allergen Chart - 1 page PDF
A chart with graphic images of the eight major food allergens.

General information on consumer food allergies is also available.