Agrichemical Spills

Reporting an Agrichemical Spill

If you have a spill of pesticides or fertilizer greater than the reportable levels listed below, contact the Spills Hotline at 1-800-943-0003. The Spills Hotline is answered 24 hours a day.

The spiller has the legal responsibility for cleaning up any spill that adversely impacts or threatens to adversely impact public health, public welfare, or the environment. The spiller must also report spills to the Department of Natural Resources.

Reporting requirements are based on the quantity released, as follows:

  • Dry fertilizer: Report the discharge to the DNR if the amount is 250 lbs. or greater.
  • Liquid fertilizer: Report the discharge to the DNR if the amount is 25 gallons or greater.
  • Agricultural pesticides: Report the discharge to the DNR if the amount spilled would cover one acre or more of land if it were applied according to the product label instructions.

For spills of products other than pesticides and fertilizer, contact the Department of Natural Resources to determine whether the spill should be reported.

After the spill is reported, Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection staff can provide technical assistance for cleaning up contamination caused by pesticide and fertilizer spills. One common method of cleanup is excavating and landspreading the contaminated soils. Our staff will guide you through the landspreading process, which requires a permit from DATCP. We can also provide information about the potential for reimbursement of the cost to do the necessary cleanup.

For more information or assistance, email us; call spill coordinator Trevor Bannister at 608-224-4514; or contact your local environmental enforcement specialist.