Bees & Honey


General Information

We work with the beekeeping industry to check for honeybee pests and diseases. We certify colonies leaving the state and check incoming bee colonies. You can also find information for selling honey, links to honey producer and beekeeping groups and other information related to the care of honey bees and control of insects and diseases.

Pollinator Protection 

Honeybees are important pollinators, but in Wisconsin, many wild bees and other insects also pollinate plants. Many factors are affecting pollinator health. Learn more and find out how to protect pollinators. 

Apiary Damage from Black Bears

Wisconsin's Wildlife Damage Abatement and Claims Program (WDACP) is available to beekeepers experiencing damage to apiaries. The program is also open to farmers who have experienced crop damage or livestock depredation from bears. The program provides damage abatement assistance and partial compensation to enrolled farmers in exchange for them allowing hunting access during the state bear hunting season. According to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, in 2010, 268 farmers enrolled in the WDACP for bear damage abatement assistance.

Agriculture Damage from black bears - who should farmers contact? DNR Press Release 


DriftWatchTM is an online database where producers of sensitive crops can register. It allows pesticide applicators to locate these crops prior to applications. Read more.


Wisconsin Honey Producers Association
Organized in 1864 by Wisconsin beekeepers. The association links commercial and hobby honey producers as well as promoting the use of honey and hive products and supporting scientific research related to beekeeping and honey production.

National Honey Board
The Board conducts research, advertising and promotions to help maintain and expand domestic and foreign markets for honey.

Cooperative Pest Survey Bulletin
The Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection provides current information about honeybee pests and diseases, plus other insect-related information.

American Honey Producers
Dedicated to promoting the common interests and general welfare of the American honey producer. Newsletter, convention, producer information.

American Beekeeping Federation
A national association that acts on behalf of the beekeeping industry. Newsletter, convention, American Honey Queen program.

Mid-Atlantic Apiculture Research and Extension Consortium (MAAREC)
MAAREC is a regional group focused on addressing the pest management crisis facing the beekeeping industry in the Mid-Atlantic Region but their research and information may be beneficial to all beekeepers. 


Pollinator Protection in Wisconsin