Animal Feed

Certificates of Free Sale & License Cards for Animal Feeds

A Feed Export Certificate of Free Sale or License Card, indicating a person or business’ feed license status, is sometimes required when feed products are exported overseas.  The Division of Agricultural Resource Management provides notarized license cards or notarized certificates of free sale for feed products, including livestock feeds, pet foods, feed additives and feed ingredients. The cost is $15.00 per notarized document.

Persons or businesses applying for a feed export certificate of free sale must currently hold a Wisconsin Commercial Feed License, be located in Wisconsin and be in good standing with DATCP. An un-licensed person or business may apply for a feed export certificate of free sale on behalf of a company that meets all of the above criteria. If applying for a feed export certificate of free sale, product labels for all products to be listed on the certificate must be submitted along with the application. All products and product labeling must be in compliance with state and federal feed regulations and requirements. It is the responsibility of the exporter to know the import/export requirements and regulations of individual country(s). We do not have this information.

Please note that state statutes allow us only to state that the company currently holds a Wisconsin Commercial Feed License. Information involving product safety, purity, origin, sanitary, health, HACCP, inspection history or other certifications cannot be stated within our notarized document.

Feed Export Certificate of Free Sale/License Card Application

Example Certificate of Free Sale and License Card
Feed Export Certificate of Free Sale Application

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Wisconsin International Agribusiness Center

The Wisconsin International Agribusiness Center offers companies guidance on the appropriate certificate and documented letters required for exporting. In addition, the Wisconsin International Trade Team provides one-on-one consultations, market research, referrals to export service companies, access to funding for international activities and contacts with international buyers.
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Secretary of State Authentication

An authentication by the Secretary of State's Office may be required based on the country to which products are being exported.  The Secretary of State's Office charges a fee for the authentication.  For more information, call the Secretary of State's office at 608-266-5503.