Land & Water Conservation 

SWRM Grant Program Working Manual

The Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection administers the Soil and Water Resource Management (SWRM) grant program that supports locally-led conservation efforts. Each year DATCP awards grants primarily to counties to pay for conservation staff and provide landowner cost-sharing to implement Land and Water Resource Management plans. DATCP follows these annual grant functions including an annual allocation to administer these grant funds.

The Working Manual

DATCP administers grant funds in accordance with ATCP 50 and has developed a working manual that contains policies and procedures, cost-share forms and examples, single audit guidelines and other critical information for county staff to facilitate program administration.

Much of the information is presented in portable document format (PDF) so users can print out specific information to insert and update any hard copies of the working manual.

Section 1 – Soil and Water Resource Management

Section 1.1: Overview - 3 page PDF
The overview of the SWRM grant program includes a brief description of the annual allocation process and plan that identifies DATCP’s priorities in making grant awards, the step-by-step process in making awards and the dollar amounts provided to counties and project cooperators.

Section 1.2: Reminders – 10 Important Items - 3 page PDF
Please pay special attention to these items.

Section 1.3: ATCP 50 Rule Update - 11 page PDF
This memorandum identifies key rule changes affecting county and other grant recipients under SWRM grants program. 

Section 2 – Policies and Procedures

Section 2.1: Reallocation and Redirection - 2 page PDF
There is no particular form, just file a letter requesting the changes.

Section 2.2: Revenue Source for Cost-Sharing and Units of Measurement - 3 page PDF
Use when completing a cost-share contract.

Section 2.3: Obtaining Watershed Code Information - 25 page PDF
Use when completing reimbursement request.

Section 2.4: Requirements of Cost-Share Project that uses DATCP funds over $50,000 - 2 page PDF
Use before signing contract or change order.

Section 2.5: Criteria for Land out of Production and CREP Equivalent - 2 page PDF
Use to complete cost-share contracts.

Section 2.6: DATCP Cost-Share Contract and Extension - 3 Page PDF
Use form provided by DATCP in mail.

Section 2.7: Transfer and Re-allocation of Cost-share Funds - 2 page PDF
Processes for requesting transfer and re-allocation of cost-share funds

Section 2.8: NM Cost-share FAQ - 6 page PDF
Cost-sharing information for nutrient management grants

Section 2.9 Interim Cultural Resources Procedure - 7 page PDF
Interim cultural resources procedure for DATCP cost share projects 

Section 3 -- Agricultural Resource Management Forms
Section 3.1:  Land and Water Resources Forms
Form Number (ARM-LWR) Form Name Revision Date Document Type
112 Certification and Cost-share Reimbursement Request Feb. 2014 Word
166 Cost-share Contract Change Order Feb. 2014 Word
 200 Extension Request for Cost-share Contracts  Feb. 2014 Word
 255 Cost-share Contract  Jan. 2014 Word
 260 Acknowledgement Additional Landowner and Grant Recipients  March 2010 Word
 385 Approval of DATCP Cost-share Grant Over $50,000  Nov. 2013 Word
 386  Financial Disclosure Affidavit Feb. 2014 Word
 387  Addendum for CREP Equivalent Payment - 15 year Feb. 2006 Word
 388 Addendum for CREP Equivalent Payment - Perpetual Easement  Feb. 2006 Word
 389 Conservation Easement - Perpetual  Feb. 2006 Word
 390 Conservation Easement - 15 year  Feb. 2006 Word
 407 Cost-share Fund Transfer Agreement  Feb. 2014 Word 
 434 NOD-NOI Cost-share Reallocation  Feb. 2014 Word
 480 Nutrient Management Checklist  June 2010  PDF 
Section 3.2:  Other Guidance and Templates
Guidance or Template NameRevision DateDocument Type
Guidelines for Notice of Compliance RequirementsMarch 2006Word
CREP Equivalent Calculation SheetFeb. 2012Excel
 Land Out of Production Calculation SheetMarch 2010 Excel 
 Landowner/Operator InvoiceFeb. 2006 Word 
 County and Landowner Grant ApplicationFeb. 2006 Word
 Verification of Status and AuthorityFeb. 2006 Word 
 Agreement-Easement Step ChartFeb. 2006 Word

Section 4 -- Reimbursement Cost-Share Practice Examples

# Reimbursement Cost-Share Practice Examples Revision Date Document Type
1 50.78 Nutrient Management with landowner and grant recipient Feb. 2014 PDF
50.62 Manure Storage Systems with NM Plan       Feb. 2014PDF 
50.88 Shoreline Protection on Local Govt landFeb. 2014  PDF
50.88 Stream Protection on FarmlandFeb. 2014

Section 5 -- Non-DATCP Documents 

Links to Non-DATCP Documents Revision Date Document Type
DNR Notice of Intent/Discharge Cost-Share Grants Feb. 2012   Web page
DNR Well Decommissioning/Abandonment Form  April 2008  PDF 
DNR Notification of New Well Construction Sept. 2012  Web page 
NRCS Construction Plan Cover Sheets May 2012  Web page 
NRCS Cultural Resources Initial Review Request Forms Oct. 2012  Word document 
NRCS Conservation Practices Affected by Cultural Resources March 2013  PDF 
NRCS Wisconsin State Office Employees  ---  Web page 



Section 7.2: Chapter 92 Wisconsin Statutes, Soil and Water Conservation and Animal Waste Management 

For more information about Soil and Water Resource Management Grants Program, contact Stacy Leitner,, 608-224-4648, Kim Carlson,, 608-224-4610.