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2016 Clean Sweep schedule for household and agricultural hazardous wastes 

2016 Unwanted prescription drug collections or contact your local police or public health department

Wisconsin Clean Sweep assists communities in improving and sustaining public health, the environment, and animal safety by reducing risk of exposure to hazardous chemicals, pesticides, and unwanted prescription drugs in homes, on farms and at businesses. The program provides financial assistance to Wisconsin counties, regional planning commissions, cities, villages, and other municipalities to collect unwanted pesticides, household hazardous wastes, and unwanted prescription drugs such as controlled substances, analgesics, anti-inflammatory drugs, antibiotics, gastrointestinal drugs, and antihistamines. 

Most local governments offer free or very low cost collection services to homeowners in rural and urban areas along with active and abandoned farms. Certain businesses are regulated by the Wisconsin DNR as “Very Small Quantity Generators” (VSQGs). Wisconsin Clean Sweep can offer municipalities a 50 percent subsidy for disposal of agricultural pesticide wastes from VSQGs.

It is best to contact your municipality if you have any questions about what they will be collecting at any given time: not all municipalities collect household, farm and pharmaceutical wastes at the same time. Likewise, municipalities offer a host of solid waste and recycling services in their communities and may be running a clean sweep without use of Wisconsin Clean Sweep funds.

2015 Grant Recipients  

Information for Grant Recipients (Municipalities)

2015 Clean Sweep Final Report Forms and Guidance

Final report forms, written reports and invoices are due 60 days after the Clean Sweep is completed. Contact Jane Larson if you cannot meet this deadline and need an extension.

Agricultural and Household Hazardous Waste Grants - Final Report documents

Unwanted Prescription Drug Collection Grants - Final Report documents

Other Clean Sweep Program Support Materials

Information for clean sweep users, paint disposal, and a clean sweep video segment.

Hazardous Waste Collection and Disposal for Farmers
Includes rural landowners, active and abandoned farms.

Hazardous Waste Collection for Business
Includes pesticide dealers and commercial applicators, golf courses, marinas, hardware stores and other businesses.

Hazardous Waste Collection for Households

Agchem Management Pesticide Applicator Informational Video - You can select short, individual video segments (1-2 minutes) on topics ranging from worker protection, pesticide handling & mixing, spill response, commercial lawncare, pesticide drift, water quality, endangered species, and integrated pest management to clean sweep.

Pesticide Container Management
See how empty plastic pesticide containers may be handled.

Latex Paint Disposal - 2 page PDF
Recommendations for safe and easy disposal of unwanted latex paint.

Other Hazardous Waste Management Resources
Links to other state programs and hazardous waste information.

For more information on Wisconsin Clean Sweep, call 608-224-4545 or send an email.

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Clean Sweep Rule Revision

2015 Clean Sweep Grant Recipients