Grow Wisconsin Dairy 30x20 Processor Grant

Application Materials

The application period is closed for the 2015 Grow Wisconsin Dairy 30x20 Processor Grant. Posted application materials are for reference only.


 DATCP Secretary Ben Brancel enjoys a taste of a new milk
product in development by Dairyvative Technologies during a press
event in June 2014. Dairyvative is one of the 2014 recipients
of the 30x20 producer grants. 
The Grow Wisconsin Dairy 30x20 Processor Grant is possible through Wis. Act 20. As part of the Grow Wisconsin Dairy 30x20 Initiative, the Grow Wisconsin Dairy 30x20 Processor Grant aligns to the goal to improve the long-term viability of Wisconsin’s dairy industry through services to meet marketplace demand.

The Grow Wisconsin Dairy Processor Grant is available to facilitate operational changes, improve profitability, foster innovation and encourage economic growth.  This grant can be customized to meet the needs of individual processors and can be applied to hire consultants with a range of expertise to address specific business needs.  The grants may solve an existing concern at the plant, improve production or assist with modernization. Examples could include training plant staff on food safety requirements, developing new uses for whey or handling wastewater treatment.

Grants may be up to $50,000 per proposal. The applicant must provide at least 20 percent of the total grant award as a matching contribution based on the grant amount awarded.

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Eligible Participants

Applicants must satisfy the following criteria to be deemed eligible for funding.  An applicant must:

  • Operate a licensed dairy processing plant engaged in pasteurizing, processing or manufacturing milk or dairy products that is, or will be located in WI.
  • Have a project(s) that will make operational improvements, improve profitability, and/or involve a new process or innovation.
  • Has no outstanding state penalties or violations and be in good standing with Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions.
  • Employees of Wisconsin DATCP and immediate family members (i.e. mother, father, brother, sister, spouse, and children) are not eligible to receive a grant.

Eligible Expenses

Eligible project expenses include, but are not limited to:              

  • Operating expenses, including expenses for salaries and wages, contract and consulting services, travel, and public information.
  • Training costs to improve employee skills (eg. food safety, skills for operating new technology)
  • Equipment rental. 
  • The purchase of equipment whose full value is ordinarily depreciable within one year (software, etc.).

Contact Information

For more information, contact Stacie Ashby at 608-224-5116 or