Animal Movement

Animal Movement Permits

This information is current as of January 20, 2016

Animal Import Permit – Instructions

Import permits are required for imports of the following animals or business categories:
The import permit process is conducted by fax or email rather than over the phone. To apply for an import permit, choose the appropriate import permit application form below, print and fill out the form completely. All items with an asterisk (*) are required. When you have completed the form, fax it along with the current certificate(s) of veterinary inspection (CVI) to 608-224-4871 or scan both documents and email them to Permit applications are processed Monday through Friday (excluding holidays) from 7:45 a.m. to 4:15 p.m. on a first-come, first-served basis. There is no fee for an import permit (except for some fish permits).
If everything is in order, a permit number will be returned by fax or email. Be sure to write your permit number on your CVI(s).
Import permit are good for thirty (30) days from the date they are issued, so they can be applied for in advance of the shipment date.
It is essential to plan ahead and allow time for processing. Permits are usually issued the same workday they are received, but the process may take longer during busy seasons or if the submitted paperwork is not complete. Also, permits are not issued after business hours, on weekends, or holidays.
For weekend sales of cattle from the TB MA/MAA zones in Michigan, sale organizers or their veterinarians can obtain a blanket import permit in advance. To learn about blanket permits, click here.  

Animal Import Permit – Application Forms

This form is for the import of animals that are part of a circus, a multi-species menagerie, or for rodeo stock. Horses owned by individual rodeo participants do not need an import permit but they must meet the regular import requirements.

Cervid Import Permit Application (for deer and elk) (1 page PDF)
This form is for the import of all cervids.

General Import Permit Application (all other animals)
This form is for the import of:
Effective June 1, 2014, import permits are no longer required for most swine imports. Please visit the Swine page to learn more. The swine import permit application, which is used for the importation of transitional and research swine can be found here.