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2013 Nutrient Management Update  

If not handled properly, nitrogen and phosphorus from manure and fertilizer, can contaminate groundwater and surface water. The nutrient management program works with farmers to ensure that they properly credit manure and plant material as sources of nitrogen and phosphorus. This helps farmers refrain from over-applying commercial fertilizers to their cropland, thereby potentially improving their net profits.

Below is a list of downloadable resources that will help in the planning process.

You will need a PDF reader to view these documents.

To access 590 Nutrient Application Restriction maps online. Click here.

Nutrient Management Planning - Protecting Wisconsin's rivers, lakes and drinking water by reducing farm runoff. Click here to view this new publication. (4 page PDF)

Water Quality Protection: Features of the "590" Nutrient Management Standard, January of 2008. Click here for more information. (4 page PDF)

NM Training Materials used for Snap Plus Planning (see * documents)

* Map Handouts (6 page PDF)
* Sell More Nutrient Management Part 1 (5.7 MB PowerPoint file)
* Sell More Nutrient Management Part 2 (4.79 MB PowerPoint file)

ATCP 50 Code

In 2007, the department updated Wisconsin Administrative Code ATCP 50. This code incorporates the phosphorus and nitrogen based September 2005 USDA NRCS 590 standard. Incorporating this nutrient management standard is intended to meet the water quality performance standard requirements outlined in DNR's NR 151.07 Wis. Admin. Code.

ATCP 50 Code - 34 page PDF

* Frequently Asked Nutrient Management Questions - 2 page PDF

Wisconsin qualified nutrient management planners are:

Farmers developing their own NM plan that complies with the 590 standard and submitting to DATCP a completed NM Planning Checklist form with their address.

National Association of Independent Crop Consultants Certified Professional Crop Consultants

American Society of Agronomy Certified Crop Advisors and Professional Agronomists ( Soil Science Society of America Soil Scientists

Available NM Planners - 3 Excel worksheets (updated Jan. 28, 2014)

To locate available WI nutrient management planners by county use the drop down menu in the County of Service column in this Available Planners worksheet and select your county of interest. This list was made from planners that attended NM education meetings across WI or that wanted to be listed. 

Wisconsin's NRCS 590 Nutrient Management Standard:

The September 2005 590 nutrient management standard is referenced in Wisconsin's Administrative code
ATCP 50.

September 2005 590 Standard

* 590 Standard September 2005 - 12 page PDF

Technical Note for 590 Standard - 100 page PDF
Includes tables for annual N removal by legumes, estimating manure production, estimating nutrient availability from manure, soils susceptible to nitrate leaching, and DATCP certified soil testing laboratories.

* 590 Summary - 2 page PDF

Supplemental Nutrient Management (NM) Planning Forms & Assistance:

* DATCP Certified Soil & Manure Testing Laboratories - 1 page PDF

NM Plan Assistance & Websites - 1 page PDF

* NM Checklist - 1 page Word or PDF

* NM Plan Review - 1 page Word or PDF

NM Checklist Livestock Siting Form - 1 page Word Doc

* NM Application Restriction Maps and Legend - 1 page PDF

Manure Form - Excel Spreadsheet

Available Manure Nutrients Form - Excel Spreadsheet

* Manure Quantity & Available Manure Nutrients Form - 2 page PDF

* NM Farm Narrative & Interview Form - 1 page PDF

* Choosing Critical Soil Type- 2 page PDF

* Develop & Review Snap Plus Plans - 2 page PDF

* Snap Plus Training Agenda - 2 page PDF

* Example Farm Data - 2 page Word or PDF

* Rotation Wizard - 6 page PDF

* Pre-Training Crop History - 2 page PDF

* File Management Using Windows Explorer - 2 page PDF

* File Management In Snap Plus - 2 page PDF

* Emergency Response Plan - 2 page Word or PDF

Other Planning Documents:

UWEX Publication A2809 - "Nutrient Application Guidelines for Field, Vegetable, and Fruit Crops in Wisconsin"  - 70 page PDF

UWEX Publication A2100 - "Sampling Soils for Testing" - 4 page PDF

UWEX Publication A2809 - "Soil Test Recommendations for Field, Vegetable, and Fruit Crops" (1998) - 54 page PDF

UWEX Publication A3769 - "Recommended Methods of Manure Analysis" (2003) - 62 page PDF

UWEX Publication - "Wisconsin Procedures for Soil Testing, Plant Analysis and Feed and Forage Analysis" - 25 page PDF

Nutrient Management Briefings

This annual newsletter summarizes the status of nutrient management in Wisconsin and describes the findings from the Quality Assurance Teams review of nutrient management plans written for the most recent growing season.

2013 Nutrient Management Update - 4 page PDF


For more information about Nutrient Management contact Sue Porter in Madison 608-224-4605, Stephanie Schneider in Eau Claire 715-832-6547 x113, or Mark Jenks in Waukesha 262-521-5011.

Nutrient Management Implementation Meeting Materials