Sign up for No Call

Wisconsin's No Call List became effective January 1, 2003. Signing up identifies you as someone who does not wish to receive telemarketing calls. It's free and available for residential telephone customers in Wisconsin. Your number will remain on the List for two years. Adding your phone number to the List will help reduce (but not eliminate) telemarketing calls. Effective June 6, 2008, Wisconsin residents can add their mobile telephone numbers to the List.

How does a consumer sign up?

Consumers can sign up 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year:

  • By visiting the Wisconsin No Call List website and clicking here.
  • By calling 1-866-9NO-CALL (1-866-966-2255) toll-free in Wisconsin.

The date you sign up determines the date when telemarketing calls should decrease:

If you sign up before: You will be on the List on:
December 1st January 1st
March 1st April 1st
June 1st July 1st
September 1st October 1st

The updated No Call List is given to registered telemarketers quarterly. Therefore, it may take 30 to 120 days for your number to get to telemarketers. 

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