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Household Pets

Certificate of veterinary inspection

A certificate of veterinary inspection is required. Cats and dogs five months or older must have a current rabies vaccination to enter Wisconsin, and the CVI must include the date of the last vaccination and the due date for re-vaccination. Wisconsin accepts both one-year and three-year rabies vaccines, which must be administered by a licensed veterinarian. If you have questions, call 608-224-4874 weekdays between 7:45 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Central Time. No tests or statements are required for ferrets, pet birds, rabbits, or common rodents (guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, etc.).

For pets being brought into Wisconsin from outside the United States, please contact the Wisconsin office of the USDA at 608-662-0600 or visit the USDA website.  Wisconsin does not have additional requirements to those listed above as long as the animals meet the USDA import requirements.

An import permit is not required.

Exotic Pets


  • Certificate of veterinary inspection
  • Official identification
  • Import permit
An exotic pet is defined as any companion animal other than a dog, domestic cat, ferret, pet bird, rabbit, or domestic rodent (gerbil, guinea pig, hamster, or domestic mouse or rat). To bring an exotic pet into Wisconsin, the animal must have a current certificate of veterinary inspection (CVI), and it must include official identification (if available). An import permit is also required. No specific tests or vaccinations are required for most exotic pet species, such as monkeys, sugar gliders, hedgehogs, reptiles, etc. 

For import requirements on pot-bellied pigs or pet micro pigs, review the swine category. For import requirements on raptors and other wild species, review the wild animals category.

To get a permit number, begin by downloading the general import permit application. Complete the form and fax it along with a copy of the certificate of veterinary/health certificate to 608-224-4871. When the application is complete, a permit number will be faxed back to you. Be sure to write the permit number on the CVI.

Note: Some animal species that have been kept as pets may not be imported into Wisconsin because they are known carriers of highly contagious diseases: prairie dogs, tree squirrels, rope squirrels, dormice, Gambian giant pouched rats, brush-tailed porcupines, and striped mice.

Other animals may need permits from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. Please visit the WDNR website for more information.