Water Quality 

Agricultural Chemical Cleanup Program (ACCP)

The Agricultural Chemical Cleanup Program (ACCP) has two separate functions. First, the program identifies and helps manage the clean up of releases of pesticide and fertilizer spills to prevent these products from reaching the groundwater. Once a site has been identified as needing a clean up, the ACCP provides reimbursement for eligible costs incurred by the responsible person.

Since 1994, when the ACCP was initiated, we have begun over 509 facility-related clean ups and closed out over 287 facility-related cleanup cases. In addition, we also responded to and closed out over 97% (848) of the 874 reported spills of agrichemicals. Over the years we have also received over 1120 reimbursement applications and have paid out nearly $38 million in reimbursements.

Information for Responsible Persons
Information about the ACCP for persons responsible for cleaning up an agrichemical spill.

Information for Consultants
Information for consultants that are interested in working in the ACCP.

Instructions for completing a landspreading permit application, and all the necessary forms for documenting a landspreading project.

Forms and a copy of the linking spreadsheet, which is needed for ACCP reimbursement applications.

Rules and regulations that apply to environmental consultants and responsible persons during the course of a cleanup project.

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