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Stay healthy with Wisconsin potatoes
March 5, 2014

Stay healthy with Wisconsin potatoes (PDF)

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MADISON – We know that Wisconsin is America’s Dairyland, but our state’s agriculture offers so much more, including healthy and delicious potatoes.  Kristin Olson, the 66th Alice in Dairyland of the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture Trade and Consumer Protection is joining forces with the Wisconsin Potato & Vegetable Growers Association (WPVGA) during March to highlight ways to stay healthy with America’s favorite vegetable. 

Ranked third in the nation for potato production, and number one east of the Mississippi, Wisconsin potato growers produce a rainbow of colorful varieties of these tasty spuds including white, yellow, red and purple. These potatoes can be enjoyed in endless healthy meals and recipes. 

“We are developing initiatives to further promote varieties including small, colorful potatoes,” stated Duane Maatz, Executive Director of the WPVGA. “Small potatoes are different, interesting and full of flavor, antioxidants and nutritional powerhouses that cook quickly and provide a wide variety of meal solutions.” 

One medium sized potato only has 110 calories and is free of fat, cholesterol, sodium and gluten. It also provides you with 45 percent of your recommended daily Vitamin C and has more potassium than a banana. They are also the perfect complex carb for athletes to enjoy before and after a big event.

“We know Generation Y loves these products and we are finding that persons of all ages love the flavor and variety options that small, colorful potatoes present. These are perfect solutions, providing healthy meal choices within a busy lifestyle,” Maatz declared.

The value of potato production in Wisconsin last year was more than $310 million. In 2013, the state harvested potatoes on 62,000 acres, according to the National Agricultural Statistics Service.

“Not only does Wisconsin's rainbow of potato varieties make the perfect solution to healthy meals, but these varieties are also healthy for Wisconsin’s economy,” said Kristin Olson, 66thAlice in Dairyland. “Buying Wisconsin nutrient-packed spuds supports our farmers, food processors and entrepreneurs while keeping that money in our communities and economy and supporting our Wisconsin way of life.”

Treat your family to some tasty new ways of enjoying America’s favorite vegetable. Find tasty recipes at throughout the year. 

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