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Pesticide Storage & Transportation

Persons storing or transporting pesticides must comply with the following requirements (see Wisconsin Administrative Code chapters ATCP 29 and 33):

  • Store and transport pesticides according to label directions, and in a manner that avoids reasonably foreseeable and reasonably preventable risks.

  • Store bulk pesticides according to Wisconsin Administrative Code chapter ATCP 33.

  • Secure pesticides and pesticide containers against access by children, the general public, domestic animals and wild animals.

  • Keep pesticides adequately separated from food, feed and other products so that pesticides will not be mistaken for or contaminate other products.

  • Clean pesticide storage areas and transport vehicles before reusing them for other purposes.

  • Protect pesticide containers and labels from reasonably foreseeable damage and destruction.

  • Inspect pesticide containers when they are removed from shipping containers.

  • Refrain from storing or transporting pesticides for sale in visibly broken, defective, unsealed or improperly sealed containers.