Gypsy Moth

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Fast Fact Sheets

You will need a PDF reader to view the following documents.

Gypsy Moth - 1 page PDF
Aerial Spray Applications - 1 page PDF
Spray Operations - 1 page PDF
DATCP STS Program - 1 page PDF
DNR Suppression Program - 1 page PDF
BTK - 1 page PDF
Gypchek - 1 page PDF
Pheromone Flakes - 1 page PDF
Gypsy Moth Regulations For Mills, Loggers and Truckers - 1 page PDF 

Outside Resources

University of Wisconsin Extension - Gypsy Moth - 2 page PDF
General information about the gypsy moth and a useful calendar showing the four gypsy moth life stages, and what home owners should look for during each. You will need a PDF reader to view this document.

Slow the Spread of the Gypsy Moth
Information about the national Slow the Spread Program.

U.S. Forest Service
Information about gypsy moth biology and how to protect your backyard.

Pest Tracker - National Agricultural Pest Information System
Survey status of gypsy moth from 2009 to present.
Color photos of gypsy moths in all life stages (select insects and then foliage feeding insects), plus great photos of other insects.

U.S. Forest Service
Information about forest health and protecting our forests.

How Gypsy Moth Treatment Sites Are Selected - 7 page PDF
Information about how spray sites are determined by the STS Program and by the DNR Suppression Program.

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