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Wisconsin Marketplace Measured Up in 2013
March 6, 2014

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MADISON – Wisconsin consumers have something to celebrate during this National Weights and Measures Week.  According to a year-end review of statewide weights and measures data conducted by the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP), Wisconsin consumers were accurately charged or undercharged nearly 99 percent of the time at store registers in 2013.  At the gas pump, consumers received either the accurate amount of fuel or extra fuel more than 99 percent of the time.

“Wisconsin consumers can buy with a reasonable degree of confidence that they are getting what they pay for,” said Sandy Chalmers, Division Administrator of Trade and Consumer Protection.  “And business owners can be assured they are competing on a level playing field.”

State weights and measures inspectors conducted 209,842 inspections at 5,382 business locations in 2013, including: 

Gas Pumps

Grades of Fuel Tested

Consumer Confidence*

Total Accuracy**





Price Accuracy

Items Tested







Retail Scales

Scales Inspected







Package Weight

Packages Inspected







*   Percent of time a consumer would be charged accurately or undercharged
** Includes all overcharges and undercharges

Overall, the 2013 findings were relatively consistent with those from the previous year. 

When inspectors find inaccurate measurements in the field, violations are reported to store management and orders are issued to correct the problem.  Higher level enforcement is possible for repeat violations.  In 2013, eight companies paid civil forfeiture settlements totaling $169,262 as a result of weights and measures inspections into the following issues:

Wisconsin CVS Pharmacy, LLC


Scanner price misrepresentation;  overcharge refund signage not posted

Roundy’s Supermarkets, Inc.


Scanner price misrepresentation;  overcharge refund signage not posted

Walgreen Co.


Scanner price misrepresentation;  overcharge refund signage not posted

Kraft Foods Group, Inc.


False quantities

Topco Associates, LLC


False quantities

Nash Finch Co.


False quantities

Krist Oil Co.


False quantity;  tare weight not plainly and conspicuously marked on the side of the container

Heritage Propane Express, LLC


False quantities

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