In 2009, the Bureau of Consumer Protection received nearly 14,000 written consumer complaints and mediated more than 15,000 cases. $9.5 million was returned to Wisconsin – the majority of which was returned to consumers in the form of court ordered restitution, mediated refunds or product recall refunds.
Hotline: 1-800-422-7128 (in WI) or 608-224-4953

Feed Program

Our feed program assures consumers and manufacturers that animal feeds, including pet foods and feed ingredients, are unadulterated, meet label guarantees and are safe and effective for use.  This is done through facility inspections, product surveillance sampling and comprehensive labeling requirements, modeled after Association of American Feed Control Officials  (AAFCO) guidance.

Wisconsin's feed regulations can be found in §94.72 Wis. Stats . and ATCP 42 Wis. Admin. Code .

Do I Need a Commercial Feed License?

An annual commercial feed license is required for any person or business that manufactures or distributes commercial feed in/into Wisconsin.  This includes manufacturers or distributors located outside of Wisconsin who distribute commercial feed into Wisconsin, as well as any person or business that manufactures or distributes pet treats in/into Wisconsin.  Licensees are also required to complete and submit annual tonnage reports and pay fees of 25 cents per ton of feed distributed in /into Wisconsin during the previous calendar year.

The licenses are annual (March 1 - Feb 28/29.)  Renewals are mailed in January along with a tonnage report for sales made in the preceding year.

Commercial Feed License Application - 7 page PDF

For more information on feed licensing, call (608) 224-4537 or email

Exporting Feed

A Feed Export Certificate of Free Sale or License Card, indicating a person or business’ feed license status is required when feed products are exported overseas.  The cost is $15.00 per certificate.

Feed Export Certificate of Free Sale Application  - 1 page PDF

For more information on Exporting Feed, call (608) 224-4616 or email

An authentication by the Secretary of State's Office may be required based on the country to which products are being exported.  The Secretary of State's Office charges a fee for the authentication.  For more information, call the Secretary of State's office at 608-266-5503.