Technical Assistance Program

What does the technical assistance program provide?

The program provides funding of up to $3,000 for one-on-one technical assistance for Wisconsin food producers, schools purchasing Wisconsin food products, and distributors, aggregators and food hubs who purchase Wisconsin food products and sell to Wisconsin schools.

Could I apply?

Any Wisconsin producer, Wisconsin school, or Wisconsin distributor, aggregator or food hub may apply. Those with experience in farm to school procurement activities will receive higher consideration. All projects must result in increased sales or purchases of local foods. Applicants must be able to directly tie the increase to the result of the technical assistance provided.

What kind of assistance is available?

1) For Producers/Farmers: Examples include but are not limited to: accounting and financial organization, new market entrance, business planning, food safety planning/training, understanding farm to school logistics procurement process, legal services, market development (logo, brand, social media, web development), packaging and label development, software development/training, etc.

2) For Schools: Examples include but are not limited to: local food recipe development, knife and processing skills, menu development, local food procurement planning, food safety planning/training, legal services (bid language, policy), software development/training, etc.

3) For Distributors/Aggregators/Food Hubs: Examples include but are not limited to: understanding school bidding process, design of traceability/label for local products, local food procurement planning, food safety planning/training, legal services, software development/training, etc.

Who will provide this assistance?

The applicant will identify someone with the experience and expertise they need to provide the assistance. DATCP provides the following database of consultants that have expressed interest in providing technical assistance. DATCP in no way endorses any individual on the list, nor does DATCP provide any guarantee that consultants listed are qualified to provide the services listed. Full responsibility rests with the applicant to verify that a consultant is capable of providing the technical assistance he or she seeks. Farm to school expertise is noted by the green highlighted consultants.

Consultant List  (Excel) 

How can I apply?

All applicants must first fill out the appropriate brief questionnaire found below. 

Open time frame for questionnaires is:  December 13, 2013 – February 15, 2014.

Questionnaires will be reviewed weekly. If your questionnaire is accepted you will receive the full application materials, which are due on March 1, 2014.

Producers Questionnaire
Schools Questionnaire
Distributors/Aggregators/Food Hubs Questionnaire

How do we define local food for this program?

Wisconsin food products:  “Food product” means an unprocessed commodity or processed product that is used for food or drink by humans.  “Food product” includes a food product ingredient.  “Wisconsin food product” means a food product that is one of the following:  grown in this state, produced from animals kept in this state, or primarily derived from food products that are grown in this state or produced from animals kept in this state.

For questions about the WI Local Food Technical Assistance Program, please contact Teresa Engel by email at or by phone at 608-224-5101.